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We are the Leaders Foundation and for 19 years now we represent the most important resource of leadership competencies and an active factor of change within the Romanian society.


By using leadership programs and non-formal education techniques we are guiding people that possess strong values and principles to become responsible leaders, that want to get involved and make a stand in all fields.


Our students will get a personalized experience along with professional trainers and leaders of different fields that will be monitoring their development in the long run. They will become part of a community of graduates having access to resources, mentorship and support.

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  • To me, LEADERS means knowledge, information and networking. It is here that I first spoke in public and gained self-trust.
    Cristina Pogorevici
  • From this tide of experiences gathered in the 6 months spent in the program, which for me seem to be years, the most important lessons I have learned are that it is not enough to trust the team and the objective, but trust in you in order to inspire a sense of trust in others.
    Denisa Matache
  • I have acquired trust and identified with the people that live for the same values. And yes, I have also found in practice what was taught theoretically.
    Amalia Stroescu
  • To me, LEADERS represented a way in which I realized how important trust is in a team of young people which share the same mind-set and ideology when it comes to the change they try to make in society. Also, this program helped me make one of the most important decision a young person has to make: choose a career.
    Daniel Mihai Constantin
  • LEADERS Explore was the best thing that could happen to me this year; it was an explosion of people, ideas, values, standings. It’s the place you come to in order to know yourself, as well as what defines you and what are your values. 
    Andreea Dieaconu
  • LEADERS Explore was more than a project. It was a journey, and like any other journey it had its ups and downs, but the difference was that we took it together; together with other young people willing to develop and grow, and together with a trainer to help us achieve that. Learning is usually not a pleasant process amongst young people, but when you are provided with an environment that is almost perfect to explore, the learning process becomes a real pleasure and the community you belong to become the proper space to act.
    Daniel Micliuc
  • LEADERS Explore is that something that gives you the push into the unknown and challenges you to introspection and exploration of the world. It makes you remember how we started to be explorers in previous years just by asking “Why?”It teaches to have courage and speak your mind. I have realized we need to explore the world in the way we were told to do it, through our very own recipe, and the first ingredient is action; because, if you always wait for the right moment, it will never come.
    Andreea Bizic
  • Thanks to LEADERS I realized where I am and where I want to be in life and in my career. I discovered the values I need in everything I want to do.
    Ciprian Tais
    Microsoft Corporation
  • I recommend this incredible journey through the LEADERS world to everyone who wants to achieve the things they dream about for a long time.
    Andrei Mutu
    I Love Cluj
  • With the help of the LEADERS programs I re-discovered myself again and, surely I can say, something started inside me. Try this experience in order to inspire and find yourselves.
    Alexandra Nițu
  • For me, Explore came the moment I needed it. It showed me I own the required resources to do what I want and all I need is courage. This is what brought me to Explore: the courage that allows me to make mistakes. Here you see people just like you, you here the stories of people that were like you and got where you want to be. If you’re asking when the right time to join Explore is, the answer is: now.
    Maria Bujancă
  • What could possibly happen when you add more than 50 young souls with a huge potential in a room and you get to feel how magic happens? LEADERS Explore gives you the boost towards self-knowledge and building beautiful things. It is a sturdy dose of authentic inspiration. It provides an endless reliability towards the hope that it can be done; it still can be done. If you own this thirst for knowledge, if you are ready for a real challenge and feel you want more, then this is the place to be. Change begins inside each of us.
    Florentina Penescu
  • The human library within the program was an extraordinary way to interact with a lot of experienced people that motivated you just by listening to them. The participants, ambassadors, living libraries represent a great source of inspiration. It has been a real adventure and now that I have new insights, the adventure can continue!
    Anca Stanciu
  • I felt that I have progressed in those 6 months more than anytime, leaving Leaders Experience with a vision and a course for my career, more courage, drive and the determination to make a change in society through my activities.
    Diana Petrescu
  • For me, Experience is the place where I finally managed to “connect the dots”. Not only have I discover my talents, but I also managed to raise my spirit and become inspired in order to follow them in the “real” world, encountered after the program. Now, a year later, the beautiful LEADERS experience materialized in knowing what I want to do and having the confidence that I will succeed.
    Alexandru Păvăloi
  • In the third session of LEADERS Explore I went through different states of mind, from absolute happiness to sadness or goose bumps. But, same as with the other sessions, there have been days which I spent in the most beautiful way possibly and they have helped me become surer of myself regarding my career. Thank you!
    Iulia Tempea
  • Everything I learned at LEADERS Explore, from organizing, advice, games, ideas and the will to grow, I will pass forward; because if you keep it to yourself, you learned nothing!
    Ahmad Farhat
  • At LEADERS I learned a lot about myself: that I am an idealist, a good strategist and a visionary. I met people that inspired and helped me have trust.
    Victor Tapeanu
    Cuibul Artistilor
  • The LEADERS trainers helped me shed light on some aspects and, more than anything, motivated me to bring my ideas to reality. I have also bound new friendships with the young people which bring me hope that the world of tomorrow will be a better one. 
    Flavius Enache
  • Experience was a merry-go-round of emotions and well-learned lessons. The program experience helped me become more determined, it motivated me and made whole my desire to be responsible.
    Antonia Fitărău
  • The people at LEADERS were the first that saw in me that something special. I began to see the things I was doing unconsciously.
    Eleonora Ion
  • Experience is about the school not learned in school, and the people I have met during the program represent the perfect motivation for the career I have chosen: resilient and capable young people who, once they find their way, can change the community. Through Experience I have confirmed this road.
    Cristian Cioflan
  • At LEADERS Experience I have entered a world of nice people and passionate about what they are doing. Here I have learned how important are the feedback and accepting your mistakes if you want to evolve.
    Florin Lazăr
  • At LEADERS I have learned how to build the team dynamics around the Medical Doctors’ Caravan, how to make calm decisions and how to trust my people.
    Mihai Ranete
    Medical Doctors’ Caravan
  • For me Explore was a pleasant experience which meant getting out of my comfort zone by taking part in individual activities, as well as team activities, in which we applied what we have learned during the session. I recommend that everyone that has a chance to participate in this project make the first step and follow it with full trust as you will have the chance to interact with nice people, you will learn useful things which you will implement through very well structured, interactive and fun activities.
    Bogdan Raicu-Hari
  • I always have a big smile when I talk about those six days of transformation and I recommend that everyone that begin their journey, as well as to those that are half way through, to join the dance to which the LEADERS Foundation invites us. A series of expressions that vary from curiosity to enthusiasm and awe will appear on everyone’s face while you learn the steps.
    Mădălina Postelnicu
  • I do not believe in destiny; I believe you create it. I have learned at LEADERS that it’s important to be determined and you have to give it your best.
    Maria Tătaru
    Autonom Rent a Car
  • Those six days were, for me, filled with emotions, information, stories and challenges. After many years of formal training, this program opened my eyes because we learned everything in a personal way, through our trainers’ own experiences, and that is why everything we discovered had a different impact. I understood that we are unique and it takes every one of us to change the world. Whether you know yourself or not or you are looking for answers, this program allows you to gain awesome reminiscences, memorable experiences and information you can use in everyday life. 
    Andreea Bureschi
  • LEADERS Experience actuated me to start my business plan, materialize my idea, and helped me resolute that I want to bring a change in the pharmaceutical system of Romania.
    Ioana Vasiliev
  • While in the LEADERS Experience I have learned to have the courage to be vulnerable in front of others by sharing my own fears. More than this, I have created my dream, so now I know where I want to be.
    Monica Paraschiv
  • The program represented an important moment in my personal development. The second session especially, which was a real incentive since it filled me with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the new projects that promise to change the important aspects of the community.
    Alina Dobrovăț