All achievments have behind them a VISION

LEADERS Foundation is an organization that forms and supports people that have the necessary values and principles to become the responsible leaders that can make Romania strong on every level.

A smooth journey is a journey with a MISSION

And the LEADERS mission is to trigger the potential of young people and carve out visionary, responsible, and brave leaders, with the help of leadership practice programs, tailored to fit any level of development.

The proof of performance is the IMPACT in society

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Success has behind it a TEAM

Alexandru Gorun


Adelina Maria

Strategic Director

Adina Sandu

Responsabil Curricula Leadership

Robert Csergo

Financial Director

Beatrice Alexandrescu

Programs Director

Ștefan Vasilica

Project Manager Explore Elevi

Robert Țopârlea

Project Manager Experience

Sofia Săvescu

Finance Assistant

Daniela Papa



The support pillar of the growth of our foundation, BoA LEADERS is made up of people with vast experience in diverse fields, that believe in the power of leadership, that have been with us for the past years, and that wish to help us build the Romania we would all like to live in.

Daniel Bichiș

Managing Partener, Competent Consulting

Top of his year at the Biology Faculty from the University of Bucharest and a Psychology graduate, Daniel Bichiș worked in quality control, pharmaceutical research and was a teacher. In June 1990 he created, alongside his wife, one of the first personal consultancy (coaching) businesses in Bucharest – Competent Consulting. In 1998 he became an NLP Practitioner and in 1999 an NLP Master-Practitioner after attending the NLP Institut Zürich courses. He is an NLP Trainer since 2000 and in 2011 he became an NLP Master Trainer licensed by Richard Bandler and Society of NLP, making him the first East European person to get this achievement. He is a member of International Coach Federation, USA, since 2013.

Corneliu Bodea

Member of the Board, ABBC Group BV

Corneliu Bodea is a shareholder at ABBC Group and supports the Romanian energetic sector’s priorities within the country as well as in the European Union. He is the President of Romanian Energy Center and Vice-president and Member of the Board of Directors within The Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council. His 20 years’ experience in management gained in the energy sector is certified by an MBA from United Kingdom’s Open University. He coordinated wide scope projects, collaborating with important energy suppliers like: CEZ Romania, E.ON Distribution, RADET Bucharest, etc.

Andreea Ionescu

Branding and Marketing Consultant, ConsultWare

She began her career as a chemistry engineer, leading a dying installation within a chemical factory in Bucharest. After the Romanian revolution she coordinated projects in pharmaceutical manufactories, after which she leaped into the media world, working as a columnist and Secretary General of an editorial office. After that she started consulting for Carana Corporation, an US consultancy firm from Washington. She discovered the pragmatic management style used abroad and soon became a senior and an executive. Since 2003 she has her own consultancy firm. Her vision about life: there’s always room for perfecting and growing.



Included in our programs you can find, for a few years now, some of the most admired leaders of business, sportspeople, actors, soldiers or representatives of the civil society. You can see here the full list of the people that are inspiring the next generation of leaders.

What would the present be without such a rich HISTORY?

The national leadership program for students Leadership Autentic, or the first leadership school in Romania, Leaders School, or the leadership program for students LEADERS Education are just some of the LEADERS initiatives since 2000. Find out here which are all the projects and programs we pride ourselves with.