3 certifications

About you. About situations. About the team.

You have no idea what huge potential you have. Choose the LEADERS program that was specifically built for the present you and enter the community of the young elite!

Unlock your potential

This is where your journey to performance begins!

The first level of the LEADERS journey. Like any beginning, LEADERS Explore is about you. You realize who you are, where you want to go, and what means you possess in order to get there.

The road is intense and interactive, encompassing:

  • Workshops meant to pull you out of your comfort zone
  • Career guidance or “I finally know what I want to do!”
  • Meeting with leaders that were once in your shoes
  • Real projects about your impact in the community

Accelerator for the real life

The second level of the LEADERS journey. In order to excel, you must practice. LEADERS Experience is a program that trains you for real-life situations. An experiences accelerator that helps you test out your strengths and the abilities previously discovered, you see what choices represent you best and you have the opportunity to put your vision into practice.

You pick up speed by practicing

Business simulations and real-life situations

Social project, 100% real

One-on-one mentoring

Supervision by experimented leaders

Team success

Starting this fall