If you are here, you know you are the leader of the future.

You are
X-traordinary, but do you ask yourself if you are ready for the future?

Only 25 X-traordinary people are selected each year for a profound self-discovery, resilience testing and overcoming their limits.

As the future unfolds
fast and with no certain

one cannot lead in the future without mastering the past.

Starting in present times, you must make sure you gather all leadership models and lessons in an intense learning experience.

Test your resilience and push your limits…

for a profound self-discovery. Going from different past leader models to the AI master leader, you’ll be self-aware and socially conscious.

3 things you must
remember before
deciding to Sign Up:

You embark on a journey to discover!

You are doing this for yourself!

Your future-self brings value to the world!

The Leadership
School Mission

Our Mission is to change your life completely, confident that lives are changed for the better, for the individual AND the community.

TLS is a journey that
sets a new trend
in leadership.

TLS changes you, one of
the 25 already exceptional youth into LEADERS of THE FUTURE.

It will be hard, it will be
crazy, it will be exhausting,
it will be a real challenge: mentally, physically, emotionally.

As the future unfolds fast
and with no certain
forecasts, the TLS journey prepares you for whatever
it may bring.

You won’t just learn how to lead…

… you’ll experience it.

We are more than just a school,

we are a movement towards a new era of leadership.

What you will learn will transform you

The Leadership School is an elite incubator for future leaders. The program is set for 20-25 year olds, who are dynamic, innovative and excel in their work fields.

Whether it is a significant impact in their community, an exceptional artistic achievement, academic performance or being a top athlete, TLS is a hub that gathers the 25 most promising young people who have the potential to reshape the future.

The Leadership School activities, workshops and challenges will be held in Romanian.

Leading THE: Origins

You reconnect with your senses and with the environment, learning to collaborate and adapt quickly to the surroundings.

Leading THE: Future

You experience how technology can be used to improve leadership and decision-making.

Leading THE: Mind

You discover and pursue the connection between the mind and leadership.

Leading THE: Community

You explore and understand the role of a leader in the community.

Who are the

Ideal candidates are those who:

Take initiative and are pioneers in their field, leading to significant change.

Are innovative and for whom the status quo is not enough, but who continually seek to improve and advance.

Demonstrate excellence and craftsmanship in their field, either be it art, science, business or sport.

Have a visible and measurable impact in their community, whether be it charitable projects, social initiatives or cultural contributions.

They are ready to take risks, experiment and learn from their failures.

Do you know someone
who fits the description?


Meet your guides
and coaches on
the TLS Journey

Today, these are
the leaders,
trainers, masters,

They are waiting to
prepare you for the

Your Contribution


The participation fee is 1800 EUR and you can cover in 4 different ways:

Cover it yourself


You can choose to pay the amount in instalments – and we’ll decide on them together, depending on what’s the best option for you.

1800€  • 0€

We offer you the guidance, structure and feedback you need to contact companies or individuals and convince them to support your development by covering your participation fee.

1800€  • 0€

TLS partners reward initiative and performance and provide opportunities for the exceptional youth.

Your Employer

Go to your HR representative or manager and convince them to support your development by covering your participation costs. After the TLS experience you will deliver better for both you and your manager – win-win!


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Save the date: July 28th - August 3rd

Sibiu, Romania

Are you ready to be the leader of tomorrow?

If you got here, we think you’re ready!

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0741 081 192

Alătura-te unei comunități de peste 8000 de abonați. În fiecare marți, îți punem noi în calendar: portrete-model, trenduri din era vitezei, recomandări de cărți și evenimente, vești din programele LEADERS.

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Prin inscrierea la un program al Fundatiei Leaders poti opta separat si pentru crearea unui cont de utilizator prin intermediul caruia sa iti editezi aplicatiile si sa ai acces la stadiul acestora (admis/ respins). Contul de utilizator va stoca informatii cu privire la nume, prenume, email, telefon, studii si oras. Tot printr-o bifa separata in formular poti opta pentru a te inregistra la Newsletterul Fundatiei Leaders. Inregistrarea la Newsletter este un proces cu dubla confirmare din partea beneficiarului, iar ulterior te poti dezabona oricand folosind link-ul prezent in toate e-mail-urile trimise catre tine de Fundatia Leaders sau trimitand un e-mail la adresa [email protected] cu subiectul Vreau sa sa dezabonez.

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